How does peer pressure affect my overweight teen?

Peer pressure affects overweight teens on many levels and may cause a teen to eat more and become depressed. Address their feelings, then encourage and initiate a plan to help your teen lose weight for their health, first and foremost. Teach your teen the benefits of a healthy lifestyle including both activity and healthy, quality food choices. 

Exercise is fun when your teen chooses activities they enjoy.  These activities will not only guarantee success but help your teen stay consistent to their chosen activities. Teach your teen about healthy, quality food that will nourish their body with much needed energy, vitamins and minerals. Work on weekly menu’s together so your teen feels a sense of commitment to the new lifestyle. 

Most of all be their biggest cheerleader. Participate with your teen and show your support. In turn, your teen will healthy and happy.

Dr. Mehmet Oz, MD
Cardiology (Cardiovascular Disease)
Dieting and exercise may be key, but when overweight teenagers are struggling daily to combat poor self-image and social isolation, it’s possible they could be doing more harm than good. When all they care about is squeezing into a peer-accepted image, they become prone to abusing diets or over-exercising in hopes of finding weight-loss shortcuts. Unfortunately, those shortcuts become emotionally dark detours, and making matters worse, they may hide them from their parents in shame and embarrassment.
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