How can I help my child maintain a healthy weight?

Jim White
Nutrition & Dietetics Specialist

The first step in helping your child maintain a healthy weight is to be a good role model yourself. As a parent it is extremely important to set a good example by eating healthy, drinking a lot of water as opposed to soda or other drinks that are high in sugar and being active. 

Encourage your child to play outside a lot, get active in sports and develop an active lifestyle. Also, do not completely take away sweets and soda but only let them eat them on special occasions. If they look at these foods as a treat as opposed to their normal diet, it will help them maintain a healthy weight.

Jessica Crandall
Nutrition & Dietetics Specialist

It is important to promote a healthy lifestyle for children that will also help them maintain a healthy weight. A balanced diet (both at home and at school) paired with physical activity are great ways to ensure that a child be at a healthy weight. Some children need more physical activity and closer monitoring of their food intake to reach a healthy body weight. However, calories should not be restricted for children and "weight loss" should not be the main focus. It is important to promote a healthy body image and avoid an onset of disordered eating.

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