What stretches can I do after cancer treatment?

If you are out of bed and moving around with some ease after cancer treatment, you can begin any workout with some general stretching techniques to warm up your muscles and joints. If you are just starting recovery, or have never exercised before, these general stretches alone might be a good workout.
  • Triceps Stretch: While sitting or standing, lift your left elbow over your head and use your right hand to stretch your left elbow back and downward. Switch arms and repeat.
  • Biceps Stretch: While standing, hold your hands behind your back. Straighten your elbows, and slowly lift up. Hold, and then lower your arms. Repeat.
  • Bending Sideways: Standing with your feet apart, bend sideways to the right by running your right-hand fingers down your right leg. Slowly move back up to a standing position. Repeat on the other side.
  • Turning: With your feet apart, place your hands on your hips and turn from side to side from your waist.
  • Calf Muscle Stretch: Face a wall with one leg in front of the other and place your hands against the wall for support. Bend the front knee while keeping your back knee straight, with both feet remaining flat on the floor. Move your hips forward toward the wall to stretch the calf muscle on the back leg. Switch leg positions and repeat.
  • Quadriceps Muscle Stretch: Hold onto a chair or touch the wall for balance with your right hand. While standing on your right leg, bend the left leg back at the knee and hold your ankle with your left hand. Keep your hips straight.

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