What are the signs of a broken bone?

Dr. Darria Long Gillespie, MD
Emergency Medicine
The hallmarks of a broken bone are swelling (often significant, like the size of a golf ball), large bruising, and significant pain. Usually, the pain of a broken bone is so severe that you can’t bear weight on it -- that is the #1 sign. If you have any of the above symptoms -- or any deformity, another obvious sign -- you need to have a doctor evaluate it.
The first thing the doctor will likely do is an x-ray. In some rare cases (older adults, mainly) a CT scan will be necessary, but fractures in most healthy people will show up on an x-ray. If in doubt, the doctor may put you in a splint for protection anyway.
Other injuries that can cause similar symptoms, such as ligament, muscle or tendon tears, will not show up on an x-ray. If your doctor thinks you may have one of these, she may elect to have an MRI done as an outpatient.
It's not always easy to know when you have a broken bone. Sprains and strains have some of the same symptoms. Still, here are a few things you may notice with a broken bone:
  • When the injury happens, you may hear a snap or grinding noise
  • The area may swell (get bigger, like it's filling up with water)
  • The skin may bruise (turn red and purple, or black and blue)
  • The injured part may be very painful to touch, press on, or move
  • The bone may poke through the skin
  • The injured part may look crooked or have lumps that are different from swelling
  • With a leg injury, the pain may be so bad that you can't stand or walk on the leg

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