Talking to Your Doctor About Joint Pain

Getting Started

Joint pain and stiffness can take a toll on every part of your life. And left untreated, joint pain symptoms are likely to get worse, not better. Forming a good partnership with your healthcare team is the key to finding relief. Below is a list of topics to help you know what to ask the doctor – so you can get the care you need.

Your Joint Pain Symptoms

Joint Pain Treatment Options
  • Treatment options and the benefits and risks of each
  • Medications you're taking, changes in your medical history
  • If you're a candidate for viscosupplements (hyaluronan injections)
  • Whether you should see other specialists (see below)

Self-Care Options for Joint Pain
  • Whether over-the-counter topical therapies or heat or cold therapy might provide symptom relief
  • Any changes to your routine that may reduce joint strain
  • What types of exercise and foods are best for your joints