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Joint Pain Action Plans

Don't let joint aches go undiagnosed or untreated. Use these steps to find out what's causing your pain.

Getting Enough Pain Relief? How Osteoarthritis Harms Your Bones My Hands Feel Numb: Is That Normal? Why do Your Joints Pop? Learn More: See All Joint Health Articles

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Find out how your joints are affecting your RealAge and receive a custom action plan to grow younger.

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Understand the Pain Game

Understand the Pain Game

Does Your Pain Point to Arthritis?

When do morning shoulder aches and throbbing knees mean something more? Find out if your symptoms could signal arthritis. 

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Joint Care 101

Joint Care 101

3 Tips to Protect Your Joints

Start saving your joints today. Practice these healthy lifestyle habits and keep your joints strong for years to come.

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Is Common Knee Surgery Effective?

Many Americans have arthroscopic surgery each year to treat osteoarthritis or repair a torn meniscus, the cartilage cushion inside the knee. But, is it really effective for OA?

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