How can I tell how well I'm managing my bipolar disorder?

Ms. Julie A. Fast
Mental Health
I will answer this with a quiz.
The following is a yes/ no quiz to check on your current mood stability. It's pretty fascinating to see where you're doing well or not doing so well. If you care about someone with the illness, you can answer from your observations.
Yes or No?
  1. I feel in control of my bipolar disorder symptoms.
  2. I am sleeping regularly without having to knock myself out with alcohol or sleep medications.  
  3. My relationships are stable.
  4. I meet new people and try new things.
  5. I have plans for the next few weeks that include enjoyable events.
  6. My medications are working and I take them regularly.
  7. I know my mania symptoms and check for them regularly.
  8. My depression is under control.  I know the signs I am starting to go down.
  9. My family and friends know how to help me when I get sick.
  10. I believe in my future.
If you answered all of the questions with a yes, please write and tell me your secret! ;) If you have a few no's, these are good places to work on in terms of bipolar disorder management.
If you have a majority of no's, I suggest you start now and create a plan for your future.  ShareCare has many answers on the topic of managing bipolar disorder. If you type in my name in the question box, you can read all of my suggestions.  I would love for all of your answers to be yes!

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