What products can I use to make my lips look younger?

Karl Malden, he of the protruding proboscis, used to warn that one should never leave home without one's American Express card.

Women know better. A survey by the Ultima II cosmetics company showed that women over age 45 said lipstick is the one thing, well beauty item anyway, they could not leave home without.

So nobody is arguing its importance.

But there is debate on how best to apply lipstick.

Unlike one's hips, belly and butt, lips do thin out over time. So some professional cosmetologists feel one should slather on a layer of lip liner before applying lipstick, for a little more definition. Others say humbug, lip liner is not only superfluous, and will make you spend money you don't need to spend, but it will actually add a harsh line that will highlight the thinning nature of your lips.

Lip liner or no lip liner, rethink what you are putting on your lips. Lip glosses may go slip sliding around your lips now that they are thinner. And those dark colors you liked so much back in the day? Think lighter. Just a few shades will make all the difference in the world.
The most important thing you can do to keep your lips looking young is to remember that they are exposed skin. Like all exposed skin, you need to protect your lips from the sun. Use lip balm that contains an SPF (sun protection factor) of 30 or higher. A good lip balm will not only protect your lips from wind and damaging UV rays of the sun, but also keep your lips moist. That's important, since lips lack oil glands.

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