What should I avoid when taking my newborn baby out for the first time?

Avoid any closed areas where your baby could be exposed to lots of people who may be sick such as the grocery store, mall, movie theaters, parties, or airplanes. During the winter especially, it’s best to assume that everyone is contagious—some people may not show outward symptoms but can still spread germs! Whenever possible, don’t let anyone who is obviously ill near your baby, keep young children away because they tend to be even less able to keep their hands and germs to themselves, and try to decrease the number of people who touch, breathe on, and cough on your baby.

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When taking a newborn out for the first time one should avoid large crowds, people with coughs, sneezes, or runny noses, and temperature extremes. A hat should be worn in direct sunlight. Avoid having anyone handle or have their face in close proximity to the baby's face. Preventing infection is paramount at this age.

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