At Home Skin Care Treatments

At Home Skin Care Treatments

At Home Skin Care Treatments
Instead of getting skin care treatments at a spa, there are various exfoliators, moisturizers, face masks, toners and other do-it-yourself treatments that can be made at home. Whether you're fighting wrinkles or blemishes, there are natural options you can make with ingredients from your kitchen. While at-home treatments can help you save money, make sure you're aware of potential side effects from any product or ingredient you use. Learn more about ways to make your own skin care treatments with expert advice from Sharecare.

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    Yoga has long been touted as a way to firm and tone the muscles underlying the skin on the body, making practitioners look younger--so why not the face, too? There are super-effective anti-aging Facial Yoga moves that firm the face, bringing more circulation in, and toxins out--the same benefits you get everywhere else from this ancient, effective exercise.  It doesn't take long to get a complete anti-aging practice in. In fact, you can do it at your computer right now, though, you have to be willing to look a little (or a lot) silly in the process. First, Lion's Pose: open your mouth, stick your tongue waaaaay out, and roll your eyes to the ceiling for a firmer neck and jawline. Then silently mouth the biggest, slowest "WOW" of your life. Do this a few times to tone the area around the mouth. Roll your eyes in circles, and purse your lips, moving your mouth from side to side like you're Charlie Chaplin wagging his moustache. Turn your head upside down by bending between your knees and do the Lions Pose again while inverted. Then make up some moves of your own! With your fingers, give the place between your eyebrows and forehead a massage, tap your fingertips under your eyes and rub your jaw to end your session by releasing any last spots of tension that may help cause wrinkles.

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    Dr. Oz - clogged pores

    To make their skin look smooth and glowing on their wedding day, women in India use a special chickpea flour mask. To find out how to make it, watch this video featuring Dr. Oz guest Shalina Vadhera, author of Passport to Beauty.

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    The quickest trick to help treat puffy eyes is to place extra firm tofu patches, cut a half-inch thick, under each eye for 10 minutes a day for two weeks. The soy in tofu has been shown to increase collagen. Also, soy contains flavonoids that have been shown to decrease sun damage. Combined, these will smooth and heal the skin. The sheer weight of the tofu patch will help press the swelling out of the area. Bonus: Follow this by doing 40 jumping jacks to rev up your circulation and drain the puffiness away!
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    A sandalwood face mask -- an ayurvedic (the traditional medical system of India) beauty treatment -- will give your face an instant lift, the natural way. Sandalwood detoxifies the skin by removing impurities directly as it dries on the skin. It also removes toxins by increasing circulation in the skin, leaving it glowing and feeling tighter.
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    Mulberry extract is a botanical with both astringent (skin tightening) and antibacterial properties.
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    Sweet potatoes are a brilliant source of so many good things. They are super high in vitamin A, which boosts collagen. They are a surprising source of minerals such as copper (providing you with up to a 50% daily value), which helps the formation of new collagen to reduce wrinkles. They are rich in selenium, and diminish the wrinkles. Boil the sweet potato (skin on) for 20-30 minutes; make a few cuts in the skin from end to end and then rub the skin off the sweet potato; mash with a fork or potato masher; stir in a quarter cup of full-fat plain yogurt; cool until comfortable to touch. The yogurt will exfoliate, calm and moisturize. Together, the sweet potato and yogurt will smooth and moisturize the skin, and the crow's feet will look better right away. This is safe to use on your hands and neck as well.
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    Avocados are good for the skin. They can be used an internal lubricant or applied to the skin as a moisturizer. Many skin care products now contain avocado and avocado oil. Avocado has lots of Vitamin E which is an antioxidant that keeps the skin oxygenated.

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    Sugar scrubs are gentler than other scrubs, and they exfoliate without damaging your skin -- keeping it smooth and moisturized.

    Skin Exfoliating Scrub

    1 cup brown sugar
    1/3 cup almond oil
    1 tsp liquid vitamin E
    1 tsp vanilla extract

    Directions: Combine ingredients, adding sugar last. Use in the shower and apply in a circular motion.

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    Flakey skin can be the result of dry skin, eczema and even psoriasis. Mash the fruit of an avocado with one tablespoon of honey. (Taste it! Amazingly good.) When it is a paste-like consistency, spread over the dry, flakey areas and cover with the cool washcloth pre-soaked with green tea. If you are very flakey, you can crush a baby aspirin into a powder and mix this into the avocado and honey paste. The avocado is lush with fatty oils that will seal the skin surface and begin the healing process. Honey, especially unprocessed, will exfoliate away the dead skin, protect against bacterial infections, and reduce inflammation. Leave this on for 10-20 minutes and wipe off gently. You can gently cleanse with an alcohol-free baby wipe, but don't wash with soap for a few hours so your skin can stay moisturized. You will feel the difference instantly. Try to do this mask every day when you are having a flare up of flakey skin. Avoid harsh soaps because they will destroy all of your progress!
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    Scrubs are exfoliators and they should be used no more than once a week. Start with a clean face.

    1. Healing Oatmeal-Aloe Vera Scrub

    ½ cup raw oatmeal
    ¼ cup organic dark honey
    1 tsp. extra virgin olive oil
    1 tsp. aloe vera gel

    Mix ingredients in blender to desired consistency. Blend briefly for a grainy scrub. Blend longer for finer scrub.
    Scrub face in circular motions with a damp cloth or sponge for one minute.
    Rinse thoroughly with warm water.
    Finish with a cold splash of water to tighten pores.
    Follow by applying a moisturizer.

    2. Exfoliating Papaya Scrub

    ¼ of a ripe papaya with seeds
    2 tbsp cup organic dark honey
    2 tsp. whole milk or whole mild yogurt
    3 drops rosemary oil

    Mash all ingredients with fingers in small bowl.
    Massage mixture into skin of face and neck for 1-3 minutes using your hands.
    Rinse with warm water.
    Finish with a splash of cool water.
    Follow by applying a moisturizer.

    3. Blackhead Removal

    1/ 4 cup hot water
    1tsp Epsom salt
    2 drops iodine
    ¼ tsp. tea tree oil

    Combine hot water with Epsom salt and iodine and tea tree oil
    Let mixture cool until it's comfortable to the touch.
    Saturate a cotton-tipped applicator with mixture and dab on blackheads. This will allow them to loosen so they can be exfoliated off with one of the above scrubs.
    4. Moisture Rich Exfoliating Salt Scrub

    1 cup sea salt
    ¼ cup ground uncooked oatmeal
    6 tbsp flax seed oil
    8 drops geranium oil

    Mix ingredients and massage over body in shower. Finish with a cool rinse. Pat skin dry and moisturize.

    5. Oatmeal and Yogurt Face Scrub

    Oatmeal has been used for centuries to cleanse and soften the skin. It is also gentle in abrading off the upper layers of skin cells. It is excellent for all skin types.

    2 tsp. ground uncooked oatmeal
    ¼ cup plain whole milk organic yogurt
    1 tsp. almond oil

    Mix all ingredients together in bowl and let sit until oatmeal is soft. Massage in circular motions over face neck and chest for three to five minutes. Rinse off with warm water. Moisturize.

    6. Rose Almond Face Scrub

    This facial scrub does contain a little almond oil (from the almonds) that nourishes your skin while it exfoliates.
    1 tsp. rosewater
    1 tsp. spring water
    1 tsp. almond flour or ½ tsp. finely ground almonds.

    Mix the rosewater, spring water and almond.
    Gently massage the rose almond scrub onto your face, avoiding eyes and lips. Rinse off with lots of water.
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