What are some alternative therapies to treat anxiety?

Sudeepta Varma, MD
Medications are just one part of a comprehensive treatment plan for anxiety; cognitive therapy, mindfulness, exercise, sleep, and social support are also key. In this video, psychiatrist Sue Varma, MD, shares alternative options for treating anxiety.
Cardiovascular exercise is an excellent way to deal with anxiety.  When we are anxious, our body generates the hormone adrenaline, the "fight or flight" natural response to stress.  When we take a run, or get to the gym for some cardio, we are able to lower these adrenaline levels, leaving us feeliing calmer.  As a bonus, endorphins are at the same time released into the bloodstream. They act on the brain to promote a feeling of wellness.  The exercise must be as rigorous as is safe, given the fitness level of the trainee, and extend for at least twenty minutes without stopping. 

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