If I take Tamiflu, do I still need a flu shot?

You should get your annual flu shot before taking Tamiflu. The flu vaccine is the most effective preventative care against developing the flu, especially as new and different strains emerge each year. If you have gotten the nasal flu vaccine within the past two weeks before taking Tamiflu, however, you should not take Tamiflu because it can interfere with the effectiveness of the vaccine.

Diana K. Blythe, MD

If you take Tamiflu, it will help decrease the time you are ill with the that particular flu virus. Unfortunately, there are multiple types of the flu and taking Tamiflu now will not protect you from the next flu virus. You would have to take Tamiflu again the next time you get sick with the flu. The flu shot can help protect you from this.

The seasonal flu shot protects you against the three most common types of flu, or influenza, for that flu season. You already have some protection from the type of flu that made you sick, but the flu shot will help protect you against the other types.