What should I know about Janumet before taking it?

Before taking Janumet, you should notify your doctor if you use certain drugs or have certain medical conditions. Drugs that can have adverse interactions with Janumet include acetrizoic acid, diatrizoate, ethiodized oil, iobenzamic acid, iobitridol, iocarmic acid, iocetamic acid, iodamide, iodipamide, iodixanol, iodhippuric acid, iodopyracet, iodoxamic acid, ioglicic acid, ioglycamic acid, iohexol, iomeprol, iopamidol, iopanoic acid, iopentol, iophenydlate, iopromide, iopronic acid, iosimide, iotasul, iothalamate, iotrolan, iotroxic acid, ioversol, ioxaglate, ioxitalamic acid, ipodate, metrizamide, metrizoic acid, and tyropanoate sodium. Many other drugs can interact unfavorably with Janumet, and the list included here is not exhaustive: discuss medications with your doctor to ensure that nothing you are taking will pose a risk if taken in conjunction with Janumet. Medical conditions that can have contraindications with Janumet include but are not limited to: acid in the blood, kidney disease, type 1 diabetes, underactive pituitary or adrenal glands, heart failure, dehydration, sepsis, liver disease, infection, surgery, trauma, high cholesterol and/or triglycerides, pancreatic problems, obesity, and vitamin B12 deficiency. Additionally, alcohol use and radiological procedures using injected dyes can pose risks when taking Janumet.

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