How should I use Novolog Flexpen?

Before using Novolog Flexpen, be sure to wash your hands and sterilize the injection site. Remove the cap of the pen and swab the rubber stopper with alcohol. Then, take off the protective tab from the needle and screw it into the Flexpen syringe.

Next, run a test of the device: take off the outer casings from the needle and dial the dose to 2. Tap the Flexpen below the needle and then push the button. If a drop of insulin comes out, you are ready to use the device. If not, repeat the test run.

Check that the dose selector is again set to zero. Dial in your correct dose.

To inject the medicine, pinch the area on your skin that your doctor assigned as your injection site. Insert the needle into the skin. Then push the button all the way. The dose dial should return to zero. Keep the Novolog Flexpen inserted for a count of six, and then remove it.

After using Novolog Flexpen, discard the needle and replace the cap.

Use a different injection site each time. Choose an area about 1 inch away from the previous injection site. When you have used all available injection sites in the same area, you may switch to another area. Avoid using the same injection site more than once a month.

Novolog Flexpen should be used when you eat. If you do not eat within 5 to 10 minutes of using Novolog Flexpen, you could experience hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar.

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