What should I know about imipramine pamoate before using it?

Before using imipramine pamoate, it’s important to know that this drug is a type of tricyclic antidepressant. Initial dosing may increase thoughts of suicide, especially in people age 24 and younger. Dosing varies and will depend on the severity of the depression and reaction to treatment; dosing can change over time. It’s important to know that imipramine pamoate dosing can lead to symptoms of withdrawal if the medication is stopped suddenly.

Some medications used to treat pre-existing health conditions can interact with imipramine pamoate. Before using imipramine pamoate, tell your doctor about any other medical condition you may have, such as:

-         adrenal gland tumor

-         diabetes

-         glaucoma

-         heart disease or a history of heart attack

-         history of stroke or seizures

-         kidney or liver disease

-         manic-depression (bipolar disorder

-         overactive thyroid

-         urination problems

Dosing can also be affected by medical procedures such as surgery. While taking imipramine pamoate, your skin can be more sensitive to UV rays, so it’s important to wear sunscreen to prevent sunburns. You may also develop certain side effects such as drowsiness or dizziness that can affect some of your daily activities. Talking to your doctor about possible side effects is a good way to begin weighing the benefits and risks of using imipramine pamoate to treat your depression.

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