What should I avoid when taking Depakote?

Because Depakote can cause intense drowsiness, avoid consuming alcohol while you are taking Depakote to reduce the effects of drowsiness. Depakote alone may impair your ability to function alertly. You may want to take precautions when you drive, operate machinery or perform any complicated tasks. People taking Depakote should also avoid sunlight exposure, because Depakote can increase your skin's sensitivity to the sun. While taking Depakote, use plenty of sunscreen, wear protective clothing and avoid tanning beds. Because Depakote also affects your blood, you run a greater risk of infection while you are taking Depakote. Avoid damage to areas of your body that take longer to heal, such as your gums and mouth. Similarly, Depakote may cause a mood worsening or suicidal thoughts, so it can be helpful to let close friends and family members know you are taking Depakote to help you watch for worsening signs of depression.

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