Are there any risks in taking Divalproex Sodium ER?

If you have liver disease, mental retardation, urea cycle disease, or a blood disorder, you should speak with your doctor about possible complications of taking divalproex sodium ER, available as brand name Depakote ER. A history of allergies to food, dyes, and preservatives can also affect your reaction to the medication. If you are pregnant, might become pregnant, or are breastfeeding, first talk to your doctor about Divalproex Sodium ER. The medication can cause severe birth defects or lower IQ in the child. Divalproex sodium ER also has been linked with a severe drug reaction that can cause fever, a rash and swollen lymph nodes. If you notice these symptoms, tell your doctor right away.  Make sure to mention to your doctor any other medication that you are taking. Overdoses of Divalproex Sodium ER can result in serious complications like sleepiness, heart block, coma, and death.

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