What can I do to manage my anorexia nervosa?

Dr. Anita Gupta
Anorexia nervosa occurs when people lose more weight than what is considered satisfactory for their age and height. To manage anorexia, it is important to restore a healthy weight and learn about proper nutrition. Psychologists, dietitians, and even family can help with good eating habits. Therapy is beneficial to individuals suffering from anorexia because it helps raise their self-esteem and offers positive ways to cope with distress. Family-based therapy is another option; the family can get involved in establishing salubrious eating patterns and can be of support in the affected person’s life. Talking to others who have been affected by eating disorders can also help with managing anorexia nervosa. They can share their stories and experiences and help those affected by anorexia get back on track. It is essential to take care of yourself if you are affected by this disorder. Stick to your treatment plan, talk to medical professionals about any of your concerns, work with your friends and family who want to see your progress, and break any unhealthy habits. Remind yourself about what is healthy and learn about ways to deal with problem situations that make you want to revert back to your old ways.

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