5 Ways to Safely Exercise With Anemia

Living an active life is possible even if you have anemia.

When someone is anemic, the body doesn’t have enough healthy red blood cells to carry oxygen to the rest of the body—making it challenging to exercise. However, that’s not to say exercising with anemia is impossible. Take these simple precautions to maintain your workout routine when you’re living with anemia.

1. Start off slow. If you have anemia, you might feel fatigued due to a lack of oxygen circulating through your body. Start your workouts slow and progressively increase the intensity over time. Stick to lower intensity workouts, too, like a yoga class or a walk rather than a run or HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout.

2. Take breaks often. Always listen to your body—if you feel tired, pause and assess whether or not you can continue. Also, only do what you can. Pushing yourself to your limit is not necessary, so if you feel exhausted, sit down and catch your breath. Waiting it out might be the best option.

3. Shorten your workouts. Even working out for 15 minutes is better than not working out at all. If the thought of getting on a treadmill or Stairmaster for an hour seems daunting, start off with shorter workouts. Take a walk around the block or try a short spurt of exercise at the gym.

4. Timing is key. Workout when you feel the most energized. For some, working out in the morning is when they have the most energy. For others, a late-night gym session is when they hit their peak performance. Sometimes this takes trial and error, but workout when you feel most invigorated.

5. Talk to a doctor. Be sure to talk to your primary care doctor to ensure your workout routine is safe and remember to always stick to the treatment plan already prescribed to you. Because there are both mild and extreme forms of anemia, you may have to change up your routine.

Exercising with anemia is possible as long you don’t overexert yourself. Listen to your body’s needs and act accordingly. 

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