How do surgeons decide where to amputate?

When deciding where to make an amputation, surgeons need to evaluate which body tissues have the best opportunity for survival. One issue to consider is the blood supply to the area. Various sophisticated techniques can be used to measure skin temperature, blood pressure and blood flow.

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What tends to spur improvements in amputation techniques?
Discovery HealthDiscovery Health
Improvements in amputation techniques generally have followed major wars. Because of the rise in the...
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What are the treatment options before and after an amputation?
Dr. Jeanne Morrison, PhDDr. Jeanne Morrison, PhD
Before an amputation, doctors will try to save a damaged limb by using antibiotics to stop an infect...
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When is an amputation considered the only treatment option?
Swedish Medical CenterSwedish Medical Center
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How can I deal with the daily fatigue after limb loss?
Dr. Guillermo J. Bernal, MDDr. Guillermo J. Bernal, MD
To deal with daily fatigue after limb loss, it’s important to maintain some activity during the day ...
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