Where can I learn more about using a Rife Machine?

There's quite a bit of information on the web re: Rife machine technology and claims of its curative properties and health improvements. 

However when searching Pub Med for credible research the only thing I came up with is a paper published back in 1932 by Royal Raymond Rife (May 16, 1888 – August 5, 1971) himself ( on the machines disease fighting and health improving properties. 

I was unable to uncover unbiased clinical trial reseach.  The only recent information that can be found are positive claims by manufacturers of the machines and health fraud cases against many other marketers.  

There are a number of websites that can provide information about Rife machines or Rife devices as they are also known as. Rife machines have been advertised as being able to cure illness and disease by sending an electrical signal through the body at specific frequencies to destroy microbes and eliminate disease. Rife machines have not been shown in independent studies to prevent or treat any illness and have been the subject of fraud investigations so take caution if considering buying or using one.

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