Does magnet therapy/magnetic therapy help athletic performance?

William Pawluk, MD
Preventive Medicine

You can begin to think about how athletes might benefit from pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMFs). At the very least, athletes need to have their muscles working in an optimal fashion. This is important to maintain structural integrity and maximize performance of the body for their particular sport. Maximizing performance decreases the risk of injury, nevermind winning a competition. The biggest health risk to the athlete is injury. So, PEMFs would be used by athletes to maximize function of the body and at the same time reduce the risk of sports injury and to help the body recover faster from any injuries. With these ideas, athletes should be using whole body magnetic stimulation before and after workouts, tryouts, and any level of competition. Using PEMFs before competition causes the body to be optimized in its function. This will produce better performance.

It’s been found that muscles work harder, longer and recover faster with magnetic stimulation. Also once used, muscles become sore and often tense or have spasm. A classic action of magnetic fields is to reduce muscle contraction. Athletes often have to compete and work out despite their injuries, large and small. This is why regular use of magnetic fields is so important to any high-level athlete, or even weekend athletes.

Pulsed electromagnetic fields can also increase the uptake of oxygen into muscle. Research I’ve done with the MagnoPro shows at least a 1% increase in local tissue oxygen uptake. A 1% increase in oxygen uptake can significantly enhance muscle performance and endurance. In competitive sports a 1% edge may be all that is needed to win.

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