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How can beer be good for me?

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    People who drink 21 8-ounce beers, or 21 glasses of wine, or 21 shots of whiskey a week have a clear correlation predisposing them to belly fat, independent of all other risk factors. However, drinking one beer a day may help stem the inflammation that contributes to obesity. The bitter compounds that come from hops derived from beer seem to activate PPARs (do-good substances that have an anti-inflammatory effect) in animal studies.
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    When consumed in moderation (2 or fewer drinks/day for males and one a day for females) beer actually has some health benefits. According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, latest research confirms that beer can be helpful in:

    1. Lowering the risk of heart disease: Beer, especially dark beer, pours up about a gram of soluble fiber in each 12-ounce bottle. Consuming adequate amounts of soluble fiber-rich foods as part of a healthy diet, can help lower the LDL “bad” blood cholesterol levels in the body. 
    2. Lowering the risk of kidney stones in men: It appears that compounds in hops, by slowing the release of calcium from the bone, help limit kidney stone formation.
    3. Building strong bones: Beer is rich in silicon, an element which is linked to stronger bones.  Keep in mind that excessive alcohol consumption, no matter the source, can weaken your bones however.
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