How can I work with my child's school and teachers to help my ADHD child learn?

Establish regular communication with the teacher to discuss your child's performance, needs, and behavior. Work with the teacher to address each. Encourage regularly scheduled homework and other home educational activities. Provide support and encouragement. Make certain that your child attends school well rested and after eating a nutritious meal.

Donna Hill Howes, RN
Family Practitioner


First, contact a learning specialist or psychologist
Kids with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and learning disabilities may feel alone. But learning disabilities are actually very common. The first step is for kids with ADHD to tell their parents or teachers about any problems they are having. It may be necessary to contact learning specialists or psychologists. These professionals will be able to determine what disability the child is dealing with. Then, they can come up with a plan for the child to do better in school and life. However, it is very important for kids to practice the new skills they have learned. The reward of doing well is worth the hard work.

Next, talk with your child's teacher or counselor
If your child has trouble in school, seek help now. The public school system is designed to help all children with special needs, including ADHD. If you suspect a learning disability, make an appointment to talk to your child's teacher or school counselor. Your child is eligible for testing and diagnosis under federal law.

Whether your child has a learning disability or not, you can still make a difference by working with the teacher. Schedule a conference and find out if small changes could make a big difference in your child's day. Can your child type homework if handwriting is a problem? What about seating placement in the classroom? Can he sit front and center? If your child's teacher seems dismissive of your concerns, take it to a higher level: talk to the principal.

Your child's education is crucial for future success. Take action and do all you can to make sure your child is learning in the best setting possible.

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