Does acupuncture treat back pain effectively?

Acupuncture comes from Chinese medicine and is a popular technique for pain relief in the United States today. Scientific data about the effects of acupuncture are still ambiguous, partly because of the difficulty of designing a well-controlled study. Although several studies have demonstrated that acupuncture can be effective in treating back pain, the evidence also suggests that placebo acupuncture works approximately as well. Still, the evidence suggests that both real and 'fake' acupuncture are more effective than standard clinical practice.

Maoshing Ni, PhD, LAc
Geriatric Medicine
Acupuncture can help relieve neck and back pain. There are many protocols depending on localization, exacerbating conditions and the underlying patient condition; a licensed acupuncturist will be able to prescribe an appropriate treatment protocol. Usually six to 12 treatments can clear a mild condition. Chronic conditions may require longer treatment.
In traditional Chinese acupuncture, needles are inserted into specific areas of the body. The needles are then rotated to produce a mildly irritating stimulus. Evidence that acupuncture is effective for treating patients with chronic low back pain is not dependable. Acupuncture has not been sufficiently studied in patients with acute low back pain to permit a conclusion. Acupuncture was found to have risks of complications, including bacterial and viral infections, bleeding, and nerve injury.
Dr. Daniel Hsu, DAOM
Alternative & Complementary Medicine
Many studies and clinical evidence have shown that acupuncture is indeed very effective for relieving back pain. Watch as acupuncture expert Daniel Hsu, DAOM, discusses how a series of acupuncture treatments can work to relieve chronic back pain.

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