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  • Germs beware: 5 easy ways to avoid getting sick

    'Tis the season for back-to-school shopping, holiday planning and – too often – colds, flu and stomach bugs. With children returning to classrooms and cooler weather driving more people indoors, germs have extra opportunities to strike.

    Instead of stocking...Full Post
  • What To Be Aware of Before Getting a Tattoo

    Tattoos are extremely common. Many people have them, and many people have never experienced any issues from them.

    But is tattooing completely safe?

    For the vast majority of people who get tattoos, tattooing is a safe procedure. With that said, there are...Full Post
  • Move together: Four easy ways to make family fitness fun

    Even if you know how important physical activity is for you and your family, exercise can still feel like just another item on your to-do list. You may also struggle dragging your children away from a TV long enough to get their muscles moving.

    The key is...Full Post
  • UCLA Medical Center, Santa Monica Receives Magnet Recognition for Nursing Exc...

    UCLA Medical Center, Santa Monica is proud to have received the nursing profession’s highest honor: theAmerican Nurses Credentialing Center’s (ANCC) Magnet® Recognition. “This achievement validates that UCLA Medical Center, Santa Monica delivers excellent patient...Full Post
  • Make an emergency plan – Follow these 4 steps

    Disaster preparedness is everyone’s responsibility. September is National Preparedness Month which serves as a reminder that we must prepare for emergencies that may impact us at home, work and school. Now is the time to begin preparing for all types of d...Full Post
  • 7 Foods to Eat for a Healthy Heart

    Keeping your heart healthy is important. You've probably heard plenty about the foods that you shouldn't eat to keep your heart healthy, but there are plenty of delicious options that will help improve your health. Check out these 7 foods to eat for a healthy...Full Post
  • How to Help Your Child Manage School Anxiety

    While many parents look forward to the end of summer and the start of school with some relief, their children may be experiencing feelings of anxiety and apprehension. In some children, nervousness about the coming year can even manifest as physical symptoms,...Full Post
  • Tips to Get Kids Moving

    Pokémon Go is getting many kids off the couch this summer, but the online game is far from the only option for physical activity. Here are some ideas from P.E. teachers affiliated with the UCLA Health Sound Body Sound Mind program, an organization dedicated...Full Post
  • Senior moment? UCLA study could help brain recapture memory connections

    It’s no secret that our memory worsens as we grow older. Now a new UCLA study conducted in mice reveals how aging weakens the brain’s ability to link related memories over time.

    Published May 23 in Nature, the findings also suggest a possible intervention...Full Post
  • Kiwi the super fruit: Good nutrition comes in small packages

    When it comes to fruit, we often go with what we know: apples, oranges, bananas, berries and such. However, there are many fruits that are popular in Asian and European countries that may not be as regularly consumed in the United States and deserve their shot...Full Post