By the time your baby’s two-week check-up comes around, you will likely already have a relationship with your child’s pediatrician, since you will want to choose a pediatrician well before your baby is born. The pediatrician will also see your baby in the hospital right after delivery, so the first checkup will be a relatively simple visit. To make the most of this visit and ensure a healthy start for your baby, follow the tips below from StoneSprings Hospital Center in Dulles.

Bring your spouse or a secondary caregiver
Your pediatrician may share lots of valuable information about your baby’s health with you during the first visit to his or her office, but it can be hard to carry out a conversation and remember everything with a fussy baby in hand. Therefore, it is helpful to have both parents, another relative, or even a babysitter present to hold the baby and offer attention while you speak with the doctor.

Fill out paperwork ahead of time, if possible
As with any new physician, you will need to fill out paperwork on the first visit, but you may be able to get this done beforehand so that you can minimize time spent in the waiting room. That way, you will also be sure to have the most accurate information on all forms, since you won’t feel rushed to get them filled out.

Write down any questions of concerns before the visit
First-time parents may have lots of questions for the doctor by the first pediatric visit, so be sure to write these down so that you remember what you wanted to ask. You might also record any symptoms or behaviors that seem unusual for your infant so that you can discuss these with the doctor too.

At StoneSprings Hospital Center, we will provide dedicated pediatric care with a family-friendly approach to ensure the highest level of care and comfort for all of our young patients. Call our Consult-A-Nurse team 24/7 at 855-226-7344 to find a pediatrician, schedule an appointment, or learn more about services at StoneSprings Hospital Center.