Dole Nutrition Institute

Our Mission

The link between food and health promises to be one of the biggest challenges - and opportunities - of the 21st century. What we eat should give life, not take it. Yet, for the first time in our nation's history, poor diet and inactivity are projected to overtake smoking as the leading cause of preventable death. Diets high in refined sugar, processed carbohydrates, saturated and trans-fats add up to too many calories, and too few nutrients.

At the same time, science is rapidly discovering new compounds in fruits and vegetables with the potential to prevent disease and lengthen life. What’s more, while fad diets come and go, countless studies have confirmed that diets rich in fruits and vegetables are the key to losing weight.

The Dole Nutrition Institute was founded to help propagate such information. As chairman of the world's largest provider of fresh fruit and vegetables, David H. Murdock wanted to go beyond offering healthy products. His mission: to cultivate the seeds of knowledge and provide the public with definitive, easily accessible, scientifically-validated information on nutrition and health.

To bring you a cornucopia of useful information, the Dole Nutrition Institute harvests the latest findings from the finest universities around the world, including the eight universities collaborating with Dole scientists at the unprecedented North Carolina Research Campus, home of the Dole Nutrition Research Laboratory. We distribute this valuable info to consumers through a variety of vehicles:  our multiple award-winning 2.5 million circulation Dole Nutrition News, the recently published Dole Nutrition Handbook, videos, brochures, cookbooks and more. To learn more, visit us online at