What Is Macular Degeneration?

Macular degneration deals with age related changes in the eye. Watch this video to learn more from Dr. Manvi Maker about macular degeneration.

Medically reviewed in February 2021.

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Macular degeneration is something that affects the older population. When we take a look in the eye, we
see some age related changes that happen in the back of the eye that sometimes are not perceived by the patient initially.
The macular degeneration can be dry or wet, based on the types of changes that we see. So the dry kind typically has some yellow deposits
that start to accumulate in the back of the eye, which can slowly lead to vision decrease for people. Usually, it affects the central vision and not
the peripheral vision. So people typically don't go completely blind from it, but their central vision is affected. In the wet kind, you actually have a new blood vessel
that starts to grow in the back of the eye. And that can be a little bit more devastating quickly for the vision rather than a slow, progressive decrease

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