Ornish Lifestyle Medicine

Reverse heart disease

Ranked as the #1 Best Heart-Healthy Diet by U.S. News & World Report for the 11th year since 2011, Ornish Lifestyle Medicine™ from Sharecare  is the first and only lifestyle program scientifically proven to reverse the progression of heart disease.

The leader in lifestyle medicine

Ornish Lifestyle Medicine transforms patients’ lives: bigger lifestyle changes, better clinical outcomes, higher adherence and engagement, and better health at lower costs. The Ornish Lifestyle Medicine program is reimbursed by Medicare and many other commercial payers and is currently offered in more than 14 states in hospitals and clinics. Recently, Medicare agreed to cover the Ornish Lifestyle Medicine program when provided virtually, via zoom, offering complete cardiac care delivered in the comfort of your home. This new game-changing virtual option will soon be available throughout the US, wherever you live. You no longer have to live near a hospital or clinic that we train. Contact us below, and we will send you information on how to enroll.

When you make big changes, you get big benefits. And you feel so much better, so quickly, that – for many people – those choices are worth making. Not only to live longer, but live better.

Dr. Dean Ornish, M.D., founder of Ornish Lifestyle Medicine from Sharecare

The impact for providers & patients

Ornish Lifestyle Medicine creates value by transforming the lives of patients and by generating clinical and financial outcomes for our partners. The impact of this therapy program is built upon four promises:

Lifestyle medicine works

Proven clinical results lie at the very heart of our program; Dr. Ornish has always understood this, so—over the past 35 years—he has published countless peer-reviewed studies which scientifically prove the transformational impact that our program has on its participants.

Anybody can do it

Participants adhere to our program at far higher rates (91%) than they do other traditional methods. That’s because they receive unwavering support from peers and clinicians, and because they feel so much better, so quickly, that they can’t imagine returning to their old lifestyles.

Better health at lower costs

The program creates financial value by reducing readmissions, generating revenue, and positioning our partners as leaders in the shift towards value-based patient care. Furthermore, healthier and better-managed patients cost less over time – and that is particularly true of our graduates.

Market leadership

The program is the clear leader in the ICR market because 1) it is the only program that is scientifically proven to reverse the progression of heart disease, and 2) the partnership between Dr. Ornish and Sharecare provides unparalleled clinical expertise and operational excellence.

The impact for participants

Participants make these lifestyle changes within small and consistent groups of people (called cohorts) who understand each other’s health struggles and share each other’s goals for the future. These cohorts are led by unchanging teams of expert clinicians, who—over the course of 18 four-hour sessions—guide participants through comprehensive lifestyle changes and help them reverse the progression of their heart disease.

How does the program work?

In short, it works by helping participants optimize four important areas of their lives:

What they eat
How they respond to stress
How active they are
How much love &
support they have

Success stories

I have the tools that I need to make a difference in my life.

John, 65 years old

I have four children & a husband.
I want to be able to take care of them. Not the other way around.

Faith, 58 years old

This program gives a person hope.

Dave, 54 years old

Ornish Lifestyle Medicine by the numbers


Ornish Lifestyle Medicine attendance rate


Years of

72 hrs

Of reimbursement


Average savings-per-participant over a three-year period

*2004 savings

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