5 Resources for Patients With Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

Follow these links to finding support and information about living with Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

As a patient or caregiver of a person with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, learning about the condition is important to understanding your diagnosis and making informed decisions about treatment. But with an overwhelming amount of information available online, finding reliable information can sometimes be a challenge.

The websites below are a good starting point for patients and caregivers who want to learn more about Hodgkin’s lymphoma. These sites can also help you understand what questions you should be asking your healthcare providers, what the treatment options are, and where you can meet professionals and peers who can offer support and guidance.

Lymphoma Research Foundation
In addition to pages of information about many different subtypes of lymphoma, the Lymphoma Research Foundation also offers online webcasts, in-person events in many different cities throughout the country, and a lymphoma helpline that provides over-the-phone support for patients and families. The helpline staff can provide information to prepare patients and loved ones for healthcare appointments, help find clinical trials, and offer guidance about financial assistance. The Lymphoma Research Foundation also manages a Lymphoma Support Network, a peer-support program for patients and caregivers.

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
Another great starting point is the website of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. This organization is dedicated to research, patient support, and patient advocacy relating to blood cancers. There is information to be found about Hodgkin’s lymphoma, as well as patient stories, an online community for patients, in-person support groups through local chapters, and a peer-to-peer support program that can match patients and caregivers with people who’ve had similar experiences with blood cancers. Information specialists are also available for online chat or phone calls, and can provide information to help you prepare for appointments, find financial assistance, apply to clinical trials and more. The website also features a page on caregiver support.

National Cancer Institute
The National Cancer Institute is the U.S. government’s principal agency for cancer research, and this website contains a wealth of information about all types of cancer, including Hodgkin’s lymphoma. You’ll find easy-to-understand explanations of what the disease is and how it differs from other cancers, information about different treatments and news about the latest research and statistics. There are also a number of pages that discuss strategies for coping with the emotional impact of cancer.

CancerCare provides a number of free, professional services to people diagnosed with cancer and their loved ones. Through the website, you can find counseling services by phone with oncology social workers, information about financial assistance to help pay for treatment and an online blood cancers support group. There are also community programs that meet in-person in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

Blood & Marrow Transplant Information Network
Blood stem cell transplant is a treatment option for some patients with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. The Blood & Marrow Transplant Information Network, or BMT InfoNet, is an excellent resource for learning about all aspects of this type of transplant, from finding a donor and choosing a transplant center, to recovery, returning home and life after treatment.

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