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  • Brain Performance (Mental Ergogenics)

    Here’s a little article that I think sets the framework for the future of human performance – not just “sports” performance, but the kind of lifestyle performance where healthy, active, non-athletes can improve how they feel and look and perform on a daily...Full Post
  • Young & Restless (Chronically Stressed Women)

    Attached are two files - the first is an article in the October issue of Women's Health Magazine (it's on the newsstands now - go out and get yourself a copy - it's written by a terrific author - Krissy Brady - you should check out her other stuff). The article is about "young...Full Post
  • Energy Benefits of Eleuthero ("Siberian Ginseng")

    A few days ago, I posted an article about Panax Ginseng for energy/endurance. That article was from a previous edition of Competitor magazine and you can read the full version on their website HERE.

    The article I’ve posted below is also from an earlier...Full Post
  • CEO Endurance World Championships 2013

    This past weekend, September 7-9, I competed in the 3-day CEO World Endurance Championships held at the exquisite BlackBerry Farm near Knoxville Tennessee and the Great Smokey Mountains.

    The competition spanned three days of swimming, biking, running, and obstacle...Full Post
  • Chronic Stress & Insomnia - The New Epidemics

    Upwards of 70-80% of the North American population experiences “enough” chronic stress on a regular basis to result in stress-related physical ailments and sleeplessness. This makes "stress" a bigger public health problem than even the obesity epidemic.

    As a...Full Post
  • Energy Boosting Foods

    Here is an interview that I did for an article in the September 2013 issue of Real Simple magazine (it’s on the news stands now)…

    The article is about, “What’s Best for Your Health Goals: Diet or Exercise? – and you can read the entire article HERE.

    The...Full Post
  • How to Choose a Dietary Supplement

    Here is an article that I wrote for Competitor Group (publishers of Triathlete magazine and VeloNews) about “how to choose dietary supplements” (because there is a lot of garbage on the market, making it difficult to find a high-quality, clean, and effective...Full Post
  • Sports Doping and Supplements

    With all of the “doping” stories in the news these past few weeks, I thought it might be good to post this article that I wrote awhile back for Competitor Magazine (the same group that publishes Triathlete magazine and VeloNews). You can read the article online...Full Post
  • Herbal Supplements for Endurance

    Here’s an article that I wrote for Competitor Endurance Sports Network (the folks who publish Competitor magazine, Triathlete, VeloNews, and Women’s Running).

    You can read the article online here

    Tomorrow, I’ll be running the Kat’cina Mosa 100k Trail...Full Post
  • ISENC 2012 Recap

    I’m just back from the ISENC meeting in Newcastle England (International Sports and Exercise Nutrition Conference) – where we enjoyed 3-days of fantastic lectures about nutrition for sports performance and healthy lifestyles. It was a truly international faculty with participants...Full Post