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    The patient to the right is status post augmentation mammoplasty procedure with high profile saline implants, who was involved in a blunt trauma where her right chest hit the steering column. Notice that there is significant swelling of the right breast....Full Post
  • The Aesthetic Meeting 2014

    The Aesthetic Meeting in San Francisco is the highlight of our year as Plastic Surgeon‘s, as it delivers the education needed to ensure that we stay at the top of our craft, improve patient safety, and enhance our practices. With over over 130 teaching...Full Post

    Interestingly, not a lot has changed over the last 30 years on tummy tuck surgery. The gold standard is still a lower abdominal C-section-like scar which is extended all the way to the hips

    Notice this patient preoperatively has significant abdominal...Full Post


    This patient presents with a very swollen and painful left breast that has endured a 10-month history of having had a mammogram and pulling on the breast with severe tearing of the left medial pectoralis muscle...Full Post

    The patient presents with very severe breast asymmetry. Her breasts are different in size and shape. Notice the left breast is larger and lower. There is more skin laxity. It was decided she would undergo high profile saline implants with two different...Full Post
  • Total Body Makeover

    The patient is an Indian female status post delivery of two children. Good candidate for combined augmentation mammoplasty procedure using high profile saline implants and a left vertical mastopexy with full abdominoplasty. The patient is three months...Full Post
  • Knob Knee Liposculpture

    Dr. Linder’s procedure of the knob knee liposculpturing is the newest innovation with sculpturing of the medial knee fat pad, suctioning the fat along the medial knee area. He uses a small incision with a small 2 mm blunt tip cannula to 1 atmosphere of...Full Post
  • Severe Weight Loss Leading To Breast Sagginess

    The patient is an Armenian female presenting with severe weight loss which has caused her breasts to sag quite a bit. Not only a lot of loose skin, but the left breast is significantly wider and larger than the right. The patient is now post op four weeks...Full Post
  • Beverly Hills Severe Breast Asymmetry – Congenital

    This patient presents with severe congenital breast asymmetry. Preoperative photograph shows right breast is a 36DD, left breast 36C. Patient desired implants for reconstruction purposes as well as a breast reduction lift on the right. She is one-week...Full Post
  • Saddlebag Liposculpture Beverly Hills

    The case example above shows an excellent example of a patient who is in excellent shape; however, has localized fat deposits in the saddlebag distribution of the lateral thighs. She is 23 years of age, works out regularly, has an excellent diet; however,...Full Post