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  • Exercising with Breast Implants

    At this time of year, many women are making a New Year’s Resolution to exercise more. Whether it is jogging, cross fitting, kettle-bell lifting, or body building, these are all great ways to exercise.

    As a board-certified plastic surgeon that specializes...Full Post
  • Breast Augmentation Result

    The patient below was requesting a breast augmentation, also known as a augmentation mammoplasty. The patient was looking for a very natural look to enhance her shape. After she explained her expectation, we selected 280 cc saline high profile breast implants...Full Post
  • Chronic Seroma Of The Right Breast

    Seroma is an accumulation of fluid in a tissue or organ that can occur after surgery, or sometimes after an injury such as blunt trauma. The fluid, called serum, leaks out of nearby damaged blood and lymphatic vessels. Cells are typically present in the fluid,...Full Post

    Dr. Stuart A. Linder #WORLDCLASSMD

    Evolution Magazine is a business and industry resource for all from start-up business owners to CEOs. Evolution helps navigate and prepare for growth through in-depth content on leadership and management, technology, finance,...Full Post
  • Congenital Asymmetry Beverly Hills

    This patient presents with congenital asymmetry of the breast. Severe breast asymmetry such as the following is most easily correctable with high profile saline implants. The patient had sutures removed in 10 days and then continue with dry dressing...Full Post

    I am very excited to announce the launch of our new website, www.ImplantRemoval.net. Over the years in my Beverly Hills practice, women have been considering the option of removing their breast implants, and I felt compelled to provide a place where this...Full Post

    Patients often present for nipple reduction. This is a procedure where the patients present with nipple hypertrophy. Symptoms of nipple hypertrophy can include pain, excoriation, rash, embarrassment, psychological and self-esteem issues. It can also be di...Full Post
  • Severe Breast Deformity – Ruptured Silicone With Nipple Repositioning

    This patient presents from Korea with severe scar tissue contracture with ruptured silicone implants causing constriction and malposition of the right nipple areolar complex. She has complete loss of medial cleavage. See her preoperative photographs showing...Full Post
  • Why Women May Consider Breast Implant Removal


    Here in my Beverly Hills plastic surgery practice I see patient everyday who choose to enhance their breast for a variety of personal reasons; likewise, there are women who decide to remove their breast implants. Over the years...Full Post

    Patients present desiring implant removal without a breast lift. Certain patients are candidates for this operation where implants can be removed, drains placed for seven to 10 days without a full breast lift. This is an excellent example of a patient who...Full Post