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How do we fix healthcare? What does the future of medicine hold? How do we live longer? We asked the top minds in health and medicine today's big health questions. Here are their answers.

Dr. Mehmet Oz Dr. Mehmet Oz Host, The Dr. Oz Show

Watch Dr. Oz discuss our healthcare system and how we can fix it.

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Alan-Portela Alan Portela

Health Technology
Mobile Devices

Andrew Weil Andrew Weil

Alternative Health
Fixing Healthcare

Daniel Kraft Daniel Kraft

Health Technology
The Quantified Self

Andrew Weil Deepak Chopra

Alternative Health
Going Holistic

John Lach John Lach

Health Technology
Big Data in Health

Karl Gudmundsson Karl Gudmundsson

Health Technology

Katherine Strausser Katherine Strausser

Biomedical Engineering

Michael Roizen Michael Roizen

Internal Medicine
Living Longer

Michael Stein Michael Stein

Behavioral Medicine
Addictive Behavior

Paul Thacker Paul Thacker

Professional Athlete

Rick Valencia Rick Valencia

Health Technology
Wireless Health

Mehmood Khan Mehmood Khan

Food and Nutrition
Solving Global Hunger

Nick Martin Nick Martin

Healthcare Innovation
Health Costs

David Inns David Inns

Health Technology
Aging Population

Andrew Litt Andrew Litt

Electronic Medical Records
Managing Patient Data

Alain Labrique Alain Labrique

Global Health

Amar Kendale Amar Kendale

Health Technology
Patient Compliance

Joseph Kvedar Joseph Kvedar

Healthcare Innovation
Patient Responsibility