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Should I wear my bra when I sleep?

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  • AMehmet Oz, MD, Cardiology, answered
    sleeping in a bra

    It is often thought that sleeping in a bra will decrease breast sagging. In this video, Dr. Oz gives a better solution than wearing a bra at night.

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  • AStuart Linder, MD, Plastic/reconstructive Surgery, answered

    I strongly believe that all women SHOULD wear a bra to sleep. The effects of gravity will occur even during the evening when lying down on the bed. I instruct all of my breast enhancement patients to wear a compressive and comfortable brassiere to counter the effects of gravity. I created the Dr. Linderbra as a post-operative, pregnancy, and sleep bra to maintain the position of the breast during periods of edema, hormonal enlargement, and gravitational descent during sleep. 

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