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How can I get out of my weight loss rut?

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  • APam Grout, Alternative/complementary Medicine, answered

    In case you're not already, you should be pounding yourself on the back right now, giving yourself a big hug or maybe even an Academy Award. Really lay on the encouraging comments. Say things like "Good for you. You deserve to be skinny and this is the time it's really going to happen."

    Again, the first thing we have to change about this whole weight-loss business is the way we frame it in our minds. Think about it -- the word diet, loss, starvation. I mean, who needs it?

    What we want to do is turn the experience into something you can't wait to do, something you practically lose sleep over because you're so psyched to wake up and get started. This "program" you're embarking on is one of the most exciting things to ever happen in your entire life. You are going to finally realize goals and dreams you have wanted to realize for years. In other words, this is something that should trip your trigger. You are going to be skinny and beautiful and attractive strangers are going to be begging for your phone number. Whether or not you decide to give it to them is totally up to you.

    Every time you think about being skinny, think about how much fun it is. Don't think about what a pain it is to get skinny. Or stay skinny. Because that's merely a thought. And it doesn't have to be true. Anymore than the thought that Tom Hanks is our best American actor is true. Some folks think it is, but many others don't. And neither is right. As Shakespeare once said, "Nothing is neither good nor bad, only thinking makes it so." He probably said it a lot more poetically, but you get the gist. And this small change in attitude is absolutely essential.

  • AVandana R. Sheth, Nutrition & Dietetics, answered on behalf of Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

    Reaching a plateau during your weight loss journey can be frustrating and disheartening.  However, here are some tips to jumpstart and continue to see weight loss

    • If you have stopped recording your food intake-start your food diary again
    • If you have stopped using measuring cups/spoons to serve your food-start now.  Often we might get comfortable eyeballing serving sizes and this loosening up can lead to decreased weight loss
    • Focus on whole grains, high fiber, lean protein, fruits and vegetables
    • Ensure that you are getting adequate calories and sleep
    • Increase the duration and/or intensity of your physical activity
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