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What is Manchurian thorn tree?

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  • Manchurian thorn tree (Aralia mandshurica) is a member of the Araliaceae family and is native to the eastern regions of Russia, northern China, and Korea.

    The bark, roots, and flowers of Manchurian thorn have been used traditionally to treat a wide range of conditions. Teas made from different parts of the tree were historically used in Russia to treat fatigue, weakness, headaches, depression, immune weakness, and stress.

    Manchurian thorn is often prepared in combination with other herbs. The combination product Aralox® contains A. mandshurica and Engelhardtia chrysolepis. Research suggests that Aralox® may decrease fat and body weight in non-exercising, obese, otherwise healthy women. Preliminary evidence suggests that Manchurian thorn may protect against some forms of irregular heartbeat and radiation damage.

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