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How can parents juggle co-sleeping with sex?

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  • AHilda Hutcherson, MD, Obstetrics & Gynecology, answered on behalf of Good In Bed

    For some parents -- particularly women -- it’s tough to resist the lure of letting your baby sleep in your bed. If you’re nursing every few hours, it can make feedings a lot easier. And it can be pretty sweet to go to sleep and wake up snuggled next to your little one.


    But will letting your baby literally come between you harm your sex life? Co-sleeping can work for parents who already have a fulfilling sex life, but you still need private time away from your child. It’s important to reserve private time with your mate. Even though you may not want to have sex, snuggling, spooning, and touching -- skin to skin -- are important to keep that connection and bonding as a couple. Having that warm little body be­tween you makes it impossible to do so. If you must share your bed with baby, however, gently move him to a bassinet or crib while you make love, or put her to sleep in another room before you have sex, then move her back to bed when you’re done. Or leave the bedroom yourselves and christen the other rooms in your home.


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