What should I expect when my child with schizophrenia goes to school?

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  • AMark Morocco, MD, Emergency Medicine, answered
    If your child is diagnosed with schizophrenia, the child will still have access to free appropriate public education (FAPE). FAPE guarantees that all children with disabilities have access to, and are able to attend, public schools. Your child's school should be able to evaluate whether your child needs special education opportunities. The school counselor or psychologist can help you figure out how to begin this testing process. You can be assured that your child will have access to special education instruction, if qualified for this benefit.

    If your child does not qualify for special education, your child may be placed into a standard classroom. Whichever environment your child is placed in, build a relationship with the teacher. Let the teacher know about your child's illness, and work together to create the best learning environment for your child.
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