What are the health benefits of chromium?

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  • AMichael Roizen, MD, Internal Medicine, answered
    Chromium, a mineral involved in glucose metabolism, is important for the synthesis of cholesterol, fats, and protein. Health-food gurus advocate chromium, usually in the form of chromium picolinate, for everything from weight loss to cholesterol reduction, to alleviation of depression, to treatment of hypoglycemia and diabetes. Chromium has also been said to prevent osteoporosis, to build muscle, and to promote longevity.
  • AAshley Koff, RD, Nutrition & Dietetics, answered
    Ashley Koff - What are the health benefits of chromium?

    Chromium may be a micronutrient, but it's got major health benefits -- especially for people who are worried about developing diabetes.Watch this video of Dr. Oz guest and registered dietitian Ashley Koff to find out why.

  • AJulie T. Chen, MD, Integrative Medicine, answered
    What are the health benefits of chromium?

    Chromium is an important part of the insulin functioning in our body; it helps with sugar regulation and balancing. Watch integrative medicine expert Julie Chen, MD, discuss how chromium works and the healthy benefits of taking a chromium supplement.

  • AMark Liponis, MD, Internal Medicine, answered
    Dr. Mark Liponis - What are the health benefits of chromium?

    Chromium supplements can be beneficial if you need to whittle your waist, says integrative medicine specialist Dr. Mark Liponis. Watch the video to learn how to use chromium to banish extra belly fat.

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