Knee Replacement

What should I bring to the hospital for my knee replacement surgery?

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  • If you are having knee replacement surgery, bring a change of clothes, particularly something loose fitting for your comfort during rehabilitation, to the hospital, and plenty of things to read.
  • ATravis Hendry, MD, Orthopedic Surgery, answered on behalf of Intermountain Healthcare
    Here is a list of what to bring to the hospital for your knee replacement surgery:
    • A list of any questions or new concerns you want to discuss with your surgeon and your anesthesia provider, also a list of your home prescription medications.
    • A friend who can stay with you until the time of surgery
    • A pair of slippers with non-skid soles
    • A pair of flat shoes with non-skid soles to wear during physical therapy 
    • Loose, light-weight clothing, such as T-shirts and shorts or sweatpants
    • Pajamas and a robe
    • Underwear
    • Personal care items such as a toothbrush and deodorant
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