Kidney Stone Treatment

What happens during a ureteroscopic kidney stone removal?

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  • Ureteroscopy involves going up through your bladder and ureter to find and remove the kidney stone. This is what you can expect during the procedure:
    1. General anesthesia. You'll have medication so you sleep through the surgery and have no sensation or memory of it.
    2. Inserting a scope and finding the stone. Your doctor will insert a tiny tube with a camera called a ureteroscope into your urethra, up through your bladder, and then up the ureter to find the stone.
    3. Removing the stone. Some stones can be taken out using a tiny snare or "basket" passed through the scope. Other stones will need to be broken up, using a special stone laser attached to the scope, before they can be removed using the basket.
    4. Inserting a stent. A stent is often placed inside the ureter. The stent is temporary and will need to come out several weeks later.
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