Heart Disease

Can age, gender and ethnicity contribute to my risk for heart disease?

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  • ASamin K. Sharma, MD, Cardiology, answered on behalf of The Mount Sinai Health System

    Age, gender, and ethnicity can contribute to your risk for developing coronary artery disease. The vast majority of people who develop coronary artery disease are seniors. Men are at greater risk for developing coronary artery disease, and develop it earlier than women.

    Ethnicity influences your likelihood of developing coronary artery disease. African Americans are at higher risk for early death and have higher mortality rates from cardiovascular problems in general. African-American women with coronary artery disease are more likely to have a heart attack than Caucasian women.

    Heart disease also runs in families. If a family member develops coronary artery disease before age 50, relatives should enroll in a heart disease screening program to receive lifestyle counseling and preventive care.

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