Healthy Resolutions

Healthy Resolution Action Plans

Ready to start the New Year right? We’ve created these Action Plans to help keep some of the most popular resolutions on track.

10-Step Guide to Quit Smoking Assess Your Financial Stress How to Meet Your Goals Track Your Food and Activity Learn More: See All Resolution Articles

What’s Your RealAge?

Find out how starting healthy habits can affect your RealAge and receive a custom action plan to grow younger.

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New Year’s Resolution Videos

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Healthy Tip

Healthy Tip

Resolve to Give Back

Here’s a healthy way to make the coming year better for everyone: Volunteer. Research shows helping others can boost your immunity, lower stress and more. 


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Is Your House Making You Fat?

Don't let your own home sabotage your weight-loss resolutions. Take this quiz to learn how simple changes around the house can help you shed pounds. 

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Resolutions run the gamut of self-improvement, but the majority concern health behaviors, such as losing weight, starting exercise, stopping smoking and reducing alcohol use. Need help with your resoluitons? The tips here are based on studies that tracked successful resolvers. Try their secrets to success for January and beyond.

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