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Bringing home a newborn can be a scary experience. Use these plans to handle those early weeks like a parenting pro.

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Self-feeding allows babies to sample new tastes and textures, and helps develop their fine-motor skills. These finger foods are a great way to start.

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Never mind breastfeeding beyond 12 months -- how are moms supposed to breastfeed for even the first 6 months straight, as the American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines recommend (with continued breastfeeding plus the introduction of food for at least 12 months)? That’s about 182 consecutive days, 8 meals a day, 1,456 total meals…

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I'm still a rookie mom but . . . I'd recommend to go with the flow because they might surprise you, and often! You're doing a great job -- hang in there! You'll get there together :) Best of luck!