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What are the risks of bunion surgery?

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    Risks of bunion surgery include:

    • Infection in the soft tissue or bone of the foot.
    • Side effects from anesthetic medicines or other medicines used to control pain and swelling.
    • Recurrence of the bunion.
    • An outward or upward bend in the big toe.
    • Decreased feeling or sensation, numbness or tingling or burning in the toe from damage to nerves.
    • Damage to the tendons that pull the big toe up or down.
    • A shorter big toe, if bone is removed.
    • Restricted movement or stiffness of the big toe joint (may be an expected outcome of some types of surgery).
    • Persistent pain and swelling.
    • Degenerative joint disease (arthritis) or avascular necrosis (disruption of the blood supply to the bone) after surgery.
    • Development of a callus on the bottom of the foot.

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