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What is ImmunoCAP ISAC?

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  • APaul Ehrlich, MD, Allergy / Immunology, answered
    ImmunoCAP (Immuno Solid-phase Allergy Chip) ISAC is the latest thing in allergy testing. Developed by VBC Genomics and Phadia, ImmunoCAP uses specific molecular components of allergens. Conventional testing uses are based on allergen prepared from biological raw materials, which contain mixtures of allergenic and non-allergenic molecules. They can't be fully standardized according to major or minor allergen components, which may account for some of the false positives we see in radioallergosorbent (RAST) testing.

    The number of components ImmunoCAP can test for now is limited but growing. The big test will come when we see if it leads to more precise therapies. However, one advantage to anxious parents and children is that it involved only a fingertip prick instead of blood drawing or skin scratching.
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