Dr. Joseph R. Calabrese, MD - Cleveland, OH - Psychiatry

Dr. Joseph Calabrese

  • Psychiatry
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  • Cleveland, OH
  • Languages supported at his practice: English, Spanish
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Dr. Calabrese's Background


Dr. Calabrese is the Director of the Mood Disorders Program at University Hospitals Case Medical Center and has 27 years of experience in studying and treating patients with bipolar patients.  He holds the Bipolar Disorders Research Chair and is a tenured-Professor of Psychiatry at Case Western Reserve University.  Dr. Calabrese also co-directs an NIMH-funded “Bipolar Disorders Research Center”, whose projects include research conducted by Robert Findling, MD (Director of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry) on the phenomenology and treatment of juvenile bipolar disorder, and research conducted by Martha Sajatovic, MD (Director of Geriatric Psychiatry), whose projects include late life bipolar disorder, health services research, and qualitative methodology.

Dr. Calabrese’s research center is dedicated to the improvement of clinical outcomes in under-served populations of bipolar disorder with a primary scientific focus on the short- and long-term treatment of bipolar disorder, with special emphasis on bipolar depression and the rapid cycling pattern of presentation.  Dr. Calabrese has acted as the Principal Investigator on over 40 research trials focusing on treatment for Bipolar Disorder, has led and participated collaboratively in landmark studies on the pathophysiology and more effective treatment of bipolar disorder, including the NIMH Collaborative programs on the Systematic Treatment Enhancement Program for Bipolar Disorder, the NIMH-funded Bipolar Disorders Trials Network, and the currently active AHRQ/CHOICE funded study, and most recently is collaborating with sites throughout the world to identify genes associated with response to the more commonly used mood stabilizers such as lithium and valproate.  Dr. Calabrese has received numerous research grants from the NIMH and Federal Agencies, has published over 300 peer-reviewed papers and has a special long-term, enduring commitment to the conduct of studies in real world patients with life courses complicated by Axis I and III co-occurring disorders.

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  • Residency
  • Cleveland Clinic Health System
  • Medical School, 1980
  • Ohio State University College of Medicine
  • Columbus, OH
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