When you register for the Partners for Health Wellness Program, you’ll have access to a secure Sharecare profile. Your profile will help you manage all parts of your health and wellness. You can track your healthy habits, monitor your progress, browse your favorite health topics and more.

Get to know your health and RealAge® with Sharecare

Your RealAge is how old your body thinks you are, based on many factors like your health history, what you eat, your exercise habits and your sleep quality. Finding out your body’s true age will help you learn which of your lifestyle choices is aging you faster. Then, make healthy changes to grow stronger and live longer over time.

Plus, once you take your RealAge Test, you will personalize your Sharecare profile! You can get tips to build healthy habits, and you will unlock your ability to earn incentives.

Incentives are available for active state and higher education employees and spouses who are enrolled in medical insurance with Partners for Health.

Check out some of these great tools on the Sharecare platform for living your healthiest, happiest and most productive life: