Woman checking her blood glucose levels. Woman checking her blood glucose levels.

Intensive Diabetes Management Program

Onduo1 is a virtual care management program that provides support for people with type 2 diabetes whose A1C is greater than 8%. From control, to the possibility of remission2, Onduo helps you stay on top of your glucose levels and support your current treatment plan – all from the comfort of your home.3

What makes Onduo different?

Onduo offers personalized care. With remote support and virtual visits, you can get the support you need between your regular doctor visits3. Onduo’s team will work with you within the app to answer your questions and provide the guidance you need. You can also easily monitor your glucose levels with a brand-new blood glucose meter and unlimited test strips4 at no added cost to you.

Woman on mobile phone.

Earn incentives

Eligible members can earn up to $250 when you participate in Onduo:

  • Enroll in program: Complete enrollment in the Onduo program to earn $25
  • Log activity: Log your activity at least once per month for 9 months to earn up to $225 ($25/month)

Incentives are available for active state and higher education employees and spouses who are enrolled in medical insurance with Partners for Health.

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What can I get with the Onduo program?

Easy-to-use glucose meter and test strips

Onduo will ship your blood glucose meter and unlimited test strips4 to you at no added cost.


Valuable insights

Learn how food, activity, and medications impact your blood glucose.


Get expert support

Onduo’s diabetes experts will help you make simple changes to your lifestyle based on your needs. Message them anytime, anywhere.


Access a virtual “clinic”

Meet with a doctor virtually to discuss your questions.3


Get started today!

Entroll in Onduo by visiting stateoftn.sharecare.com and selecting Achieve, Programs and Condition Management. You will be asked to take a short quiz to determine eligibility.

1 Onduo offers certain care management and coordinated clinical care programs for eligible individuals, as further described in these materials and at onduo.com. Onduo LLC and a network of affiliated professional entities (collectively, “Onduo”) collaborate to offer the services. Onduo services are meant to be used in conjunction with regular in-person clinical services and not intended to replace routine primary care.

2 Onduo has not been shown in randomized clinical trials to help achieve remission.

3 The Onduo app is not intended as a substitute for your primary care physician’s guidance. Before making major lifestyle changes, please discuss your treatment plan with your primary care provider.

4 Some exclusions may apply.

Individuals pictured are not actual Onduo members